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Focus on Research and publication is one of the primary tasks of the pretor Business College. Since its establishment The College has published three volumes of scholarly Journal titled “ Journal of Business & Construction Management , without interruption.

The College has established one standing Committee-Research & Publication Committee (RPC) that has the following members & duties.

  • Membership

The RPC shall have the following members:

ü    The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Chairman;

ü    One Academic Staff with rich Research experience appointed by the Senate secretary;

ü    Three other academic members elected by the Senate.

  • Duties and Responsibilities of Research & publication Committee

The RPC shall:

ü    Plan research priorities within PBC;

ü    Continuously study and identify national research needs which promotes national development; and

ü    Advise Faculties/Schools of planned research undertakings;

ü    Oversee the research activities;

ü    Initiate policies that would enable the proper organization and efficient management of research in Pretor Business College;

ü    Initiate the necessary policies on research and publication, determine research priorities and encourage and support the preparation of relevant teaching materials;

ü    Assist researchers in their efforts to solicit funds for research from external sources, both in Ethiopia and abroad;

ü    Lay down policies and procedures for, and execute the approval of, visiting research scholars from other universities who seek formal association with and sponsorship by PBC;

ü    Initiate policies and procedures for all financial and operational activities of PBC Press;

ü    Assist the Research and Academic Dean in promoting research activities vigorously throughout PBC and the production of textbooks and relevant teaching materials;

ü    Review and approve research projects submitted to it by Faculties/Schools and individuals;

ü    Review the annual budget prepared by the Research and Academic Dean for research activities in Pretor Business College, in consultation with the relevant units of Pretor Business College;

ü    Ensure that similar standards of academic excellence are maintained by all publications of Pretor Business College; and

Review and recommend to the Senate the creation of research institutes -if the circumstances required to do so


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Pretor has lounched  Academic Calendar for the year 2019.

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