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Background of School of Construction Management

Initially, one school that is School of Business and Management and four programs under the school was proposed. After further assessment was made, it was advised that two programs, namely, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Business Administration in Construction Management (MBA in CM) are recommended to be adequate, and additional disciplines intended to be launched can come in to existence when the circumstances require. Thus, currently, the School of Business and Management is desirously providing post-graduate programs in the following fields of study:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA);
  • Master of Business Administration in Construction Management (MBA in CM).

Both programs focus on :

Enhancing Managerial Skills of Engineering, Economics, Management and related undergraduate students;

ü  Out reaching the flourishing Construction industries in our country in equipping trainees with knowledge and skills of managing, administrating their business with professional confidence;

ü  Conducting research in related fields;

ü  Building over all capacity of contractors, entrepreneurs, etc.

ü  To furnish students with skills, confidence and capacity of undertaking business at the international level;

ü  Initiate, Plan, Execute and Monitor their business projects rationally and skillfully;

ü  Contribute to nationwide technological and economic development;

ü  Be pro and part of nationwide poverty alleviation program of government and the strategic plan that targets the enhancement of economic and live standard of citizens;

ü  Build capacity of competing with more known and reputed businessmen or organizations in local and global market;

ü  Develop a skill of solving critical business issues through applying rational and analytical approach while passing any business decisions.

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