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Background of the Pretor Business College

History of Pretor Business College dates back to 2004, when professional legal Gazette was started to be published. The Gazette was first of its kind in Ethiopia in that it focused only on legal issues, and the main objective was to create legal awareness in the entire people of Ethiopia.Federal Supreme, High and First Instance Courts Judges, Lecturers-in-Law, advocates and prosecutors participated in writing articles to it and contributed theoretical and practical materials for the publication of the Gazette.

The Editorial Board repeatedly launched conferences, where articles focused on actual legal issues were presented by legal practitioners and law lecturers in the presence of stake holders, such as Ministry of Justice representatives, Federal Courts representatives and others, such as law students, honored invited guests. The results of discussions were published in the Legal Gazette.

Later on, in 2006, the Editorial Board offered short term trainings on actual legal issues for traffic policemen, prosecutors, governmental employees, journalists, private individualsIn consideration and recognition of the contribution of such public oriented professional Gazette, British Council in Addis Ababa granted to the Editorial Board of the Gazette 200 Law text books, Legal Dictionaries, Legal Encyclopedias etc. for establishing its own Library.

In the end of 2006, the Praetor Law Institute was formed, with only 15 Diploma program students (among those who took two weeks legal training). In 2007 the Institute was re-named into Praetor Law College and commenced training of Diploma Program Law students on both Regular and Extension Basses.During 7 Years of its existence from 2005 till 2012, the College dispatched five batches what means around 300 Law Diploma program students. These graduates are now working as judges, prosecutors, advocates and the others made their furthereducational careers.The College terminated its formal educational works in 2004 due to Governmental policy.

In 2004 Praetor Business PLC (the umbrella of the former Praetor Law College) established under itself Praetor Business Training and Consultancy Service Center and Praetor Printing Enterprise.The Praetor Business Training and Consultancy Service Center offered trainings and consultancy services to governmental and non-governmental institutions on different social disciplines.Both, the Trainings Center and Printing Enterprise facilitated conditions and paved a way for the establishment of Pretor Business College in 2016.

Now the College has two postgraduate programs, namely, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Business Administration in Construction Management (MBA in CM). Currently the Number of Graduating students in both programs is 171, including first batch students (2016 entry), who are now working on their Graduating thesis and going to be Graduated in August, 2018.The College has sufficientfacilities for its students such as library, computer laboratory, class rooms, on-line electronic library, 7/24 Internet services and Wi-Fi. It has signed MOU with two Government Universities (Addis Ababa University and Addis Ababa Science and Technololy University).It has 7 permanent professors (all are Ph.D. holders) as the academic staff members, and other 4 professors (all are also Ph.D. holders) on part time base. The President of the College, Dr. Girma Gizaw was also the President of the former Praetor Law College, is now holding Ph. D. in Law and Master Degree in Construction Management at the same time he is the Author of numerous publications in Ethiopia and overseas. and government employees, etc...


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